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4 Homey-Home Trends for 2023

As we approach 2023 I know this isn’t necessarily about home décor trends but trends in general to remind us of what’s important. Some of the following ideas are already trending and we will continue to see and some are just coming to the forefront.

1. Natural materials. Incorporating a little greenery from outside, the use of barn board if that's your style, adding sheepskin, leather, woven wool, natural stone and shells to your decor. We are seeing a lot of bamboo, wicker, rattan and other natural fibres that are recyclable into our homes these days. Natural materials also make a home feel cozier, like Egyptian cotton, raw silk drapery, alpaca blankets and more. This is a big part of Feng Shui and it all works in harmony when chosen right.

2. Heated..anything! Heated floors, towel warmers, blankets, even heated sofas! (Yes heated sofas!) Anything to make the winter go by faster I’m on board.

3. Thrifting / DIY projects. There is no stopping this trend! I personally love going to thrift stores to search out fun trendy décor pieces, artwork or just a small thing like an extra flower vase. Reusing, repurposing or upcycling…whatever you want to call it- will be a trend for a long time and it saves space in our landfills. I’m a big fan of donating gently used clothing, furniture and other household items. Even if it’s dirty or broken, someone might see value in it and upcycle it into something new! (It’s always a good idea to contact your nearest thrift store to find out what they accept before donating.)

4. Game night! Just having friends come over is finally trending again. To make your home warm and welcoming is easy- It’s not about your newest décor or how modern your home is but it’s about comfort and connecting. Decluttering to make space for people again might be the easiest and cheapest home project you can do! Make sure you have enough seating, dishes, cutlery and glasses to entertain a group no matter what size.

Our recent game night with friends included games like Cards Against Humanity, Canasta, even playing backgammon on a date! Don’t forget about those puzzles! Let’s have some fun!

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