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How Do I know if I'm ready to Buy My First Home?

The initial crucial step towards buying your first home involves having a dependable

Realtor who genuinely cares about your interests.

Your realtor should also provide you with a thorough understanding of the intricacies tied to homeownership. Buying your first home is incredibly rewarding and can give you the sense of pride we all crave. Before reaching that stage, consider the following five aspects that can help you determine whether you're truly ready to make that exciting first purchase:

1. You can afford to buy! You’ve spoken to a mortgage agent about your finances and your credit score. They’ve giving you an amount that you’re comfortable with spending and you’ve saved at least a 10% down payment.

2. Transition from Renting a.k.a. you’re tired of renting or living with your mama. The prospect of renting or living with family no longer appeals to you.

3. You have a good job that will help you carry the mortgage for years to come and knowing where you’ll be commuting to every day means you know what neighborhood to buy in as well as knowing the price of the homes in that area.

4. Your city is truly your home- you’re not itching to run away and live somewhere else for long stretches. If you travel for work but having a stable home base is appealing to you then you’re ready to settle down.

5. You’re enthusiastic about the idea of establishing roots, weather you have a significant other or not. Many singles are seeing the benefit of buying now, even with a friend to share in the costs. If you are considering the possibility of a future partner, opt for a property you can still afford now but can accommodate another person comfortably.

If you have checked all the boxes but still feel a slight sense of apprehension about buying your first home, I am a great sounding board and can help ease that apprehension. I enjoy the buying process so much and will help you through the emotional ups and downs during the purchase. There is something to be said about having a Realtor who truly has your back and wants the experience to be pleasurable, and having you feel confident about your purchase. Book your free consultation today!

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